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Welcome to iHearYa!

Welcome to iHearYa! A website where you can find treats for the ears as well as safe ways to enjoy them without causing hearing loss. Jordan Croucher and Ana Miura are two Canadian musicians, songwriters, and producers who know what they could stand to lose to noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL). Play the videos to listen to what they have to say.
YouTube Preview Image

This is a video of Ana and Jordan rehearsing and talking about their own experiences with hearing loss.

YouTube Preview Image

NIHL could affect your life, big time.  Your music, talking to your friends, your work, your fun – it would all change if you had permanent hearing loss.  So, if you care about keeping the music, how about getting involved?

You can help spread the world and stop hearing loss. In posts below you’ll see projects created by individuals like yourself. Join us on Facebook, or check out the  Get involved page for more information.

City News coverage from the second iHearYa! event in Toronto

A video, submitted by Ben Kondrat

YouTube Preview Image

We’re hearing good things

The first presentation of the iHearYa! school assembly occurred this week at Lasalle Secondary School. The Grade 9 class learned about hearing loss and its prevention while being treated to the music of Ana Miura and Jordan Croucher. Northern Life, a Sudbury newspaper, posted an article about the event. It’s accompanied by a fantastic video with footage from the opening assembly. Thanks for all the encouraging feedback, Northern Life.

If you’d like iHearYa! to visit your school please tell your teachers and principal about us.

A poem, by Mackenzie Kraeker

My name is Mackenzie, I’m 16 years-old and I attend Woodstock Collegiate Institute in Woodstock, Ontario.

My favourite subject is Social Sciences and I love swimming on my city’s swim team! I wanted to get into this program because I feel that your hearing is very important. Below is a poem about my friend who has hearing loss and although there was no way he could have prevented it, YOU can by turning down your music! Remember, “Listen Now, to Listen Later.”

A Boy No Different

Just a babe with meningitis to fight
Hoping he’d live and grow to be a man
Doctors and nurses worked into the night
Telling his parents, “There’s no other plan.”

If he wakes up he may not see or hear
But his little eyes opened and he saw
A silent world was now the only fear
And would everyone see it as a flaw?

Struggles came with this new way of living
Cochlear Implants brought sound to his ears
Past a sickness that was unforgiving
Through minutes and hours, days, months and years

A boy not different in any way
For he’s at my door asking, “Come and play?”

A message from Chris Cunneen

My name is Chris Cunneen and I was born in December 1991 with a severe hearing loss in both ears.

Due to having hearing loss, I have been wearing hearing aids since I was just 6 months old.  I could keep on talking about my hearing loss like it was the end of the world, but in reality, it’s not the end of the world, you just have to work extra hard to hear and sometimes rely on those around you.  However, people who were born with hearing loss would find it much easier to live their life then somebody who could once hear fine.


I know what it’s like to be hearing impaired, and I’ve accepted it because I know I couldn’t help it.  However, if I had damaged my hearing because of something in my control, I would be a lot more bitter about a hearing loss.

So I ask you, think again before you decide to crank your IPOD up, think about how often you do it and what you are really doing to yourself.

Art Submission, by Ernie Chow

I’m one of the kids from the YLS. I hand drew the pic and coloured it in on Photoshop.


Art Submission, by Flora Leung

I attend Alexander Mackenzie High School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing program, so yes, I am a Hard of Hearing student and I am also grade 11.

Art submission, by Sam Staddon


cialis generico

A child of ‘Death’, by Kendra Pape-Green

It took me a relatively long time to realize why my mother sometimes didn’t hear me when I talked to her, and why my father always told me to face her when I talked.

My mother was severely hearing impaired, and only understood what I said because she knew how to read lips. I was six or seven when I understood this, and knew my mother was deaf. She didn’t use sign language, and it wasn’t something brought up often, or in a way a very young child would understand and appreciate.

After I understood though, when I was out with my mother and my father wasn’t with us, I would (and still do) consider it my responsibility to let someone trying to speak to my mother when she was preoccupied know that she was hearing impaired and needed to see them to speak to them. Of course, while these days I use the terminology ‘hearing impaired,’ when I was very young I tended to use different terminology. I said the same thing my little brother and sister say when they talk about our mother’s disability.

That she’s ‘death.’

It takes a while for the difference between the pronunciations of death and deaf to sink into a child, and most of the adults luckily understand what is meant and both take that fact into consideration and get amusement over the mispronunciation.

As I got older, I started to think about how my mother’s life must have been. Born deaf, but now people only realize she’s deaf if they see her hearing aid, are told she’s deaf, or recognize the ‘accent’ that many orally-deaf people tend to speak with. She speaks and follows along with conversations just as if she had no hearing issues; which is why it took me years to know she did have hearing issues. Thinking about what her childhood must have been like, I began to have greater respect for my mother, thinking about the simple fact that she could speak. Hearing children learn to speak by imitation. My mother simply could not do that. She learned how to read lips, along with learning how to hear with hearing aids, just so she could communicate. While most children learn one thing, to speak, she was learning how to ‘hear’ in two ways, both with hearing aids and with lip-reading, and how to speak, in ways that were unconventional-especially at the time. Small wonder it took her years longer to get a complete vocabulary.

If you’re a hearing person who isn’t quite sure why learning how to speak without hearing would be so hard, try this. Explain, in words, how to make the sound ‘ow.’ And then think about somebody giving you that instruction and trying to make that sound when they’d never heard it before.

In fact, my mother’s long process of learning how to speak resulted in my aunt getting the name she did. My Grandmother wished to have a name for her youngest daughter that her eldest could pronounce. They went through lists and lists of names, my mother vetoing each and every one before they came to ‘Deborah.’

What also impressed me about my mother, the more I thought about it, the more I learned from my grandparents, was that except for three years, my mother went to a regular public school not a school for the deaf. Something my mother told me, which was true at the time (though I would not know about today,) is that schools for the deaf tended to be several years behind the curriculum of “normal” schools because there was so much else for the schools to teach the students.

My mother attended the Montreal school for the oral deaf when she was very young, but in about grade three transferred to regular elementary school upon the family’s moving to Toronto. In grade nine, when considering whether to go to a deaf school, or continuing in public education, she ended up faced with a choice. Either feel lonely and friendless in a school geared towards the hearing, or to stay far behind in her schoolwork in the deaf school, where how to spell rainbow was grade-nine level. She made the choice to stay in public school, and to stay at the best level she could academically.

You might wonder why I’m talking about my mother-who has been deaf from birth and did not become deaf after exposure to loud sounds on a consistent basis. I want you to think about what I’ve told you, how hard it must have been for my mother to be able to essentially act as a hearing person-to be able to communicate with us, and not have to deal with a lot of the problems many deaf people have no choice but to deal with.

Now-I want you to think about a hearing person, having to deal with hearing loss at a much older age. Think about yourself, in university, in a fast-paced workplace, starting a family, in whatever situation you hope to be in after a few more years. Now factor in learning how to lip read, or learning sign language and having to start learning a whole new language, while you’re still trying to do everything else. Imagine learning how to act, how to cope in a world that is no longer geared to you,  that you have to become geared towards, re-learn how to exist in it.

It’s something a lot of people can’t avoid, it’s hard work that they have no choice but to go through. But this site is trying to show how many hearing people can preserve their hearing, and not have to go through the experience of losing their hearing and having to learn how to deal with the world all over again. Think about the things advised against in order to preserve your hearing. Is playing your music a bit quieter that hard? Isn’t a little bit of caution now worth having your hearing for longer?

Hearing is a gift that not everyone is born with-shouldn’t you value it enough to try and keep it?

Rehearsal time

Jordan Croucher and Ana Miura are rehearsing the iHearYa! song together.

YouTube Preview Image

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